Hydraulic Test Actuators, Systems

Hydraulic Test Actuators, Systems

Eland Engineering is now part of the Savery Group of companies. Savery Hydraulics applies their high quality standards to the Eland designed range of actuators.

Hydraulic actuators consist of a cylinder or fluid motor that uses hydraulic power to facilitate mechanical operation. The mechanical motion gives an output in terms of linear, rotary or oscillatory motion. Because liquid is nearly incompressible, a hydraulic actuator can exert considerable force.

Savery produce hydraulic test actuators and cylinders which are suitable for fatigue testing and can be supplied with additional load measuring or linear displacement transducers, servo valves, pressure transducers and other control and safety manifolds. Their unique design features give a high degree of linear concentricity and alignment of internal mating parts combined with ultra low friction seals to maximise cylinder efficiency.

Savery has developed hydraulic test systems incorporating Eland actuators for testing in the automotive industry, flight simulation, ride simulation, motion control, rail vibration testing, vehicle shaking tables and for research and development.

Fitted with high temperature seals our Hydraulic cylinders have proved to be successful under extreme operating conditions. Special paints and other external finishes are available on request. Stainless steel piston rods can be specified for use in corrosive environments.

Savery Hydraulics manufactures many standard products and custom built hydraulic units to clients own specifications.

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Savery hydraulic systems are manufactured to customer specifications and range from small individual units to complex electro-hydraulic systems. The systems division uses components from the Savery and Hydraforce product ranges and also selects from other manufacturers ranges to design units which exactly match the customer and application requirements.

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The components division specialises in the design and manufacture of small hydraulic power units, manifold assemblies and the supply of hydraulic control valves for the mobile and industrial markets. Our power packs & manifolds are 100% tested on purpose designed test rigs to product specific test specification procedures.

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Savery design and manufacture electronic control systems to accurately control and monitor hydraulic power. We provide complete control system solutions directly to customers to their own control system specification and develop control systems for Savery Systems projects.

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