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Accumulator Stands

Accumulator Stands

Savery supply accumulator units which supply peak demands whilst minimising the mean flow and input power. Our expertise in sizing and positioning can optimise the effectiveness of your application and once the systems have been installed our service team can assist in regular inspections and re-certification of equipment.

Accumulator stands are designed;

  • To reduce power unit size by supplying stored oil for intermittent operations.
  • Supplying peak demands for high frequency servo tested systems.
  • To reduce noise and vibration in hydraulic systems.
  • With Savery‚Äôs standard accumulator manifold to isolate and discharge stored volume safely so that the installation meets any current pressure equipment directives


Savery hydraulic systems are manufactured to customer specifications and range from small individual units to complex electro-hydraulic systems. The systems division uses components from the Savery and Hydraforce product ranges and also selects from other manufacturers ranges to design units which exactly match the customer and application requirements.

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The components division specialises in the design and manufacture of small hydraulic power units, manifold assemblies and the supply of hydraulic control valves for the mobile and industrial markets. Our power packs & manifolds are 100% tested on purpose designed test rigs to product specific test specification procedures.

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Savery design and manufacture electronic control systems to accurately control and monitor hydraulic power. We provide complete control system solutions directly to customers to their own control system specification and develop control systems for Savery Systems projects.

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