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Delta Motion Controls

Savery is the UK sole distributor for Delta motion control systems and has received advanced technical training in the utilisation of the product range.

We have provided Delta motion control systems to a number of customers, providing complete software and hardware solutions.

Delta Motion Controls

Two axis fatigue test rig control screen, software authored in house

Delta's Motion controllers provide precise closed-loop position, velocity, pressure, force, and position-pressure or position-force control for electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications. There are two ranges of controllers these are:

RMC75 (1-2 axes)

Provides good value for one and two-axis applications, using the RMCTools software for setup, tuning, and diagnostics.

RMC150 (2-8 axes)

Delta's multi-axis motion controller line—this versatile programmable controller can be used for all your motion control needs. The RMC150 CPU is Delta's newest controller, using the RMCTools software for setup, tuning, and diagnostics.

No single motion controller is ideally suited for every application. Even versatile, general purpose motion controllers like the RMC family have certain areas where they fit best. Delta's motion controllers are aimed precisely at industrial motion applications—closed loop electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic—that can benefit by the following characteristics:

The advantages of these controllers are:

Easy to Connect: Delta's motion controllers offer high performance communications to a wide variety of PLCs, with options for Serial, USB, and Ethernet connectivity. Additionally a ‘VI' (Virtual Instrument) library is available for integration into the National Instruments LabView© environment.

Direct connection to most transducer types is possible and the ability to "mix and match" axis types makes the control system extremely flexible.

Quick to Implement and Inexpensive to Maintain: Efficiently Integrate motion control by issuing commands from the PLC program of your choice — augmented by Delta's user programs for fast sequences. Engineers can get projects completed in a fraction of the time needed for other motion controllers and the end user benefits by having a system that is inexpensive to maintain and upgrade.

High Performance: The precise control provided by Delta's motion controllers boosts performance and machine life. Unlike most motion controllers, Delta provides the specialised parameters and algorithms needed for high-performance fluid power motion control, as well as electric. Delta's Curve Tool greatly simplifies complex jobs such as curved saw cutting and ladle pouring. Delta's sophisticated force control modes allow smooth position/pressure control with a single hydraulic valve—reducing cost and complexity of injection moulding machines and presses while increasing throughput and improving part quality.

Here is a graphical look at how Delta's motion controllers fit into the motion control picture:

Method of Programming

Delta Motion Controls

Delta's controllers are programmed using high level commands executed either directly or indirectly by the host PLC these have nearly as much power as “freely programmable” controllers and are quicker to set up and easier to maintain.

Savery is able to offer complete pre-programmed motion control solutions or alternatively supply the control hardware for customer programming and implementation. Our engineers have significant experience of actual system applications and are able to offer technical assistance if required.



Savery hydraulic systems are manufactured to customer specifications and range from small individual units to complex electro-hydraulic systems. The systems division uses components from the Savery and Hydraforce product ranges and also selects from other manufacturers ranges to design units which exactly match the customer and application requirements.

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The components division specialises in the design and manufacture of small hydraulic power units, manifold assemblies and the supply of hydraulic control valves for the mobile and industrial markets. Our power packs & manifolds are 100% tested on purpose designed test rigs to product specific test specification procedures.

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Savery design and manufacture electronic control systems to accurately control and monitor hydraulic power. We provide complete control system solutions directly to customers to their own control system specification and develop control systems for Savery Systems projects.

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