Savery Hydraulics to attend NFPC event

Savery Hydraulics to attend NFPC event

19th February 2020

The 8th Annual Industry Exhibition for the National Fluid Power Centre will be held on Wednesday, 19th February.  This event is held every year and sees over 70 national and international companies exhibiting.  Exhibitors will cover Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Applied Electronics and Contro.

This years exhibition has come at the right time for Savery Hydraulics who continue to innovate int he Hydraulics sector with latest designs being led by demands from customers in the industry.

All Savery Hydraulics products are manufactured in the UK with quality and durability in mind.  By keeping its manufacturing in-house, Savery Hydraulics is able to maintain full control and testing of its products, helping the business to pass on reduced costs and shorter lead times to its customers.

As part of the exhibition, Savery Hydraulics will be showcasing a selection of their products which attendees will be able to see during the one day event.

We look forward to seeing you there !