Jaguar Land Rover Hydraulic Ring Main System

Jaguar Land Rover Hydraulic Ring Main System

19th May 2015


Jaguar Land Rover


Hydraulic Ring Main System


Design and manufacture a brand new ring main system for Jaguar Land Rover. The new system needed to provide Jaguar Land Rover with core hydraulic power for operations of standard test rigs up to full vehicle road simulations.


The new system has been designed to Jaguar Land Rover’s exact specifications. The hydraulic ring main system has been integrated into the entire building project doubling the size of the structural test labs hydraulic capacity.

The project took 14 months to complete with some unforeseen delays. Both the old and the new ring main systems work 24/7 testing anything from a single car component to a complete vehicle. Jaguar Land Rovers extensive and fast moving vehicle development programme over the coming years demands that they can test more prototype equipment.

Since the facility has been installed Savery Systems have received further contracts to extend the facilities pipe work system to accommodate new test machines.