Hull flood barrier operating mechanism

Hull flood barrier operating mechanism

10th June 2013


Qualter Hall


The Hull barrier is a 212 tonne (215,000kg), 98ft (30m) wide gate which is supported between two towers that house the operating machinery. The barrier is closed about 12 times a year and has protected Hull from the effects of more than 30 high tidal surges since it opened in April 1980.

Each tower contains a power kit which allows the motors on either side to close the barrier, the motors control the descent and the barrier is closed using gravity to pull it down or it can be driven down manually. The barrier is then raised back up using hydraulics.


Savery Hydraulics was appointed by Qualter Hall to assist with the replacement of the Hull barrier operating mechanism consisting of integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment.


Space within the towers was restricted and an awkward shape, Savery assisted Qualter Hall to design a system which fitted into the space using their expertise in hydraulic technology.  Qualter Hall developed a full mock up of plant rooms in their factory to ensure that the equipment fitted in the confines of the existing structure. All equipment was fully tested and assembled prior to installation on site.


Savery has a three year contract to service the equipment and were pleased to find that everything was operating to specification on their first visit in 2012.