BAE Warton – Advanced hydraulics systems monitoring

BAE Warton – Advanced hydraulics systems monitoring

10th June 2013


BAE Warton


An existing hangar was to be stripped out and refurbished to accommodate the production of Typhoon (Eurofighter) aircraft.


In 2000 Savery Hydraulics was appointed to install and commission a hydraulic test facility for Typhoon aircraft production in a newly refurbished hangar at BAE Warton.


Working closely with BAE Systems engineers, a production test specification was developed.

Two separate hydraulic ring mains were installed to provide the necessary oil pressure, flow, and distribution requirements for fourteen aircraft test bays.

Hydraulic interface manifolds, hose assemblies and associated control systems were installed at each bay, designed to meet the exacting standards required.

Precise and rapid pressure and flow controls are required during dynamic testing to avoid alarm conditions being detected on the aircraft.

Every Typhoon aircraft produced at BAE Warton has been tested using this system.

Savery have subsequently installed sophisticated equipment in the hangar at RAF Coningsby for Typhoon maintenance and thanks to the confidence BAE have in our hangar based equipment Savery have now installed similar equipment in two aircraft hangars in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.